The Center for the Preservation of Historical and Cultural Heritage of the Arctic


The Center for the Preservation of Historical and Cultural Heritage of the Arctic is a division that collects, keeps and shows materials relating to university activities, the study of the European North, Russia and the Arctic, as well subjects like history, science, industry, architecture, construction, forestry and wood processing, agriculture, space technology, etc., organized using a particular system, the purpose of which is preservation, visual studies, and the dissemination of knowledge not only among students and university staff, but also among a broad spectrum of the population.

The Northern (Arctic) Federal University named after M. V. Lomonosov hosted the grand opening of the first university museum facility in the new library building on April 29th, 2015.

The university museum combines exhibits from museums of all the university united studies institutions. The museum also shows exhibits collected over the lifespan of the new federal university, for example, the regional award «Legacy of the North» earned by the university in 2014.

The staff is hard at work, personalizing a variety of university classrooms. Currently functioning facilities include the Lomonosov lecture hall, as well as others named after Oleg Sokolov, George Frumenkov, Ivan Bahovkin, Anatoly Efremov, Valery Komarov, Anatoly Kuratov, Vladimir Bulatov and other prominent Russian personalities, whose continued legacy helped shape the federal university of today. Museum work involves students and they are encouraged to participate through research activities, lectures, excursions, and other organizational activities.

Increased museum resources allow for the creation of temporary exhibitions and permanent expositions and conferences, round tables, meetings, consultations, screenings and competitions. Contact information:

Director: Shulakova Natalia


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