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THE ARCTIC-FUND is a scientific and educational platform for digital interaction between countries in the northern Arctic region across the net.

The Arctic plays an increasing role in the lives of the Arctic States and the global community as a whole. This is one of the richest areas of the world in terms of natural resources. Vast reserves of timber, minerals, oil and gas, fish and sea mammals are concentrated here. The people of this enormous territory have their own languages, religious differences, as well as historical and cultural development. As a major power in the Arctic, Russia must become a leader in the formation of favorable (eliminating all risk from human impact) style of interaction in the Arctic and developing Arctic solidarity.

On February 21, 2013 Russian President Vladimir Putin approved the «Strategy for the development of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation and ensuring national security for a period up to 2020». The document establishes state support for the development of transport, industrial and energy infrastructure, technical and scientific innovation, highlighting the main directions of the state investment policy, as well as the specifics of regulating labor relations and implementing state social policy in the Arctic zone.

It’s necessary to increase scientific presence in the Arctic and support fundamental research by exploiting the potential of leading universities. It’s these universities that are called upon to play a vital role in the development of the North and the Arctic region, since they are the centers of science, education, culture and innovation in the area. As system integrators, universities are able to create the fabric of interpersonal, intercultural, and humanitarian communication.

The M. V. Lomonosov Northern Arctic Federal University has the maximum possible amount of professionals working in research and development of the Arctic space.

Guided by its strategic objectives, to provide innovation, as well as scientific and personnel support for the geopolitical and economic interests of Russia in the Northern Arctic region, the university took the initiative and created an information-analytical resource on the Internet devoted to the subject of the Arctic — The Arctic-Fund, designed to meet the needs of science and education in the region.

The project partners are:

The collaboration is approved by the Russian Geographical Society and the Arkhangelsk Information Office of the Barents Region.

The main objective of the «Arctic-Fund» project is the accumulation, systematization and provision of public access to the accumulated knowledge about life in the Arctic region of the Russian Federation in the context of main trends, reflecting the national interests of the Russian Federation in the Arctic.

Achieving this goal involves the following tasks:

1. The creation and ordering of unique Fund information, including the following principal components:

  • Collection of full-text documents on the Arctic theme (books, archival materials, scientific articles, analytical reports, conference proceedings, doctoral dissertations, expeditions, etc.);
  • Multimedia collections (audio/video/ photo materials);
  • Thematic and bibliographic databases of the main areas of the project.

2. Systematization of accumulated information in accordance with the main objectives of the project and, if necessary, its transition into digital format.

3. The possibility for centralized storage of large amounts of information and its safety.

4. The involvement of leading institutions and organizations engaged in Arctic issues.

5. Creation, development and improvement of various services with the goal of expanding the use of informational materials of the project.

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