Arctic Floating University Explores Barents Ice

The eleventh expedition has completed its agenda. The project team is expected to arrive in Arkhangelsk on 11 July.

Research conducted during the voyage which started on 22 June encompassed the study of Barents hydrological processes, spatial-temporal variability of weather phenomena and the concentration levels of aerosol in the surface air along the route, microplastics, biodiversity and dynamics of microbial communities inhabiting the Barents Sea and the Spitsbergen environment, evolution and biodiversity of marine invertebrates, etc.

This year’s expedition also included investigation of Arctic ice within the framework of «Ice Operations», a project supported by Kolarctic CBC 2014-2020 programme. Among the project team members are the Norwegian Research Institute (Norut), Northern (Arctic) Federal University, Oil and Gas Industry Suppliers’ Association «SOZVEZDYE», Luleå University of Technology, the Finnish Meteorological Institute, Maritimt Forum Nord (Norway) and Storvik&Co OY (Finland). Barents ice observations are conducted from onboard the Professor Molchanov by the Higher School of Information Technologies and Automated Systems’ lead engineer Dmitry Polikin. More information about Dmitry’s work is available on NArFU website: https://narfu.ru/