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The expedition “Arctic Floating University - 2015” reached the shores of Novaya Zemlya

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On the 6th of July the research vessel «Professor Molchanov» had to move its way through a storm which lasted all day and subsided in the evening.

On the next day «Professor Molchanov» approached the island Dolgy and the scientific crew observed the island and took some pictures. Then the research vessel moved to the neighboring island Matveev, where the expedition members repeated the same procedure.

July, 8 the expedition landed two times. During the first landing members of the «Arctic Floating University — 2015» visited a polar weather station at Cape Bely Nos; during the second one they visited the aboriginal village of Nenets — the Varnek village on the Vaigach Island. In the coastal zone of Varnek the oceanographers conducted some hydrological surveys. They measured salinity and temperature of water. Last year the expedition «Arctic Floating University» conducted the same research, so now our scientists can compare the results.

The biological unit was also very active. It continued to collect various plants with a view to make a classification of Arctic flora. The soil-chemical unit found on Vaigach island some soils which actually should not be here.

Members of the historical and cultural block were able to interview the meteorologists on the weather station and conducted a public opinion poll in the Varnek village. About 100 people live here in summer, but in winter the population reduces to 60 people because all children move to the boarding school on the mainland.

On the 9th of July «Professor Molchanov» changed its course. To make up for time lost during the storm the research vessel moved to Novaya Zemlya through the Kara sea.

On July, 11 «Professor Molchanov» approached the Novaya Zemlya archipelago. On the Cape Zhelaniya the participants of the expedition carefully studied, took pictures and made a video of a lighthouse which is located there. They also added this lighthouse on the map.