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Research vessel Professor Molchanov has returned to Arkhangelsk today and ended its forty-day Arctic expedition

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«Research vessel Professor Molchanov is the unique non-ice-class vessel to reach the shores of Franz Josef Land in June — the first Barents Sea expedition launched in the last 20 years. Similar expeditions weren’t about 20 years in the Barents Sea.

We have covered 500 miles, brought more than 8,000 water and subsoil samples, discovered several warm water streams flowing in Novaya Zemlya and Franz Josef Land. We have also obtained some data about the structure and dynamics of the current in this area, the temperature, the oxygen content and salinity of water, which will help assessing the situation in the area and the Arctic heat reserves and forecast their duration,» said the research expedition leader Konstantin Bogolitsin.

Jointly with the scientists of State Oceanographic Institute (Moscow), Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute (St. Petersburg) and specialists of the «Russian Arctic» park, NArFU students undertook environmental, hydrographic, glaciological, climatic and other studies — the total of nine blocks research areas. As pointed out by the organizers of the project, the expedition had completed all its tasks.

The results will be summed up by the autumn, the advantages and disadvantages of the expedition have been marked and the preparation for the next Arctic Floating University’s voyage will start soon. As mentioned by the head of RosHydoMet Alexander Frolov, the idea of the project appeared a year ago — during the discussion with NArFU rector of the activities for the 100th anniversary of hydrometeorological service in Arkhangelsk. «We decided to make the Professor Molchanov, owned by SevHydroMet, the venue for studies, practical training and research work». One of the reasons is the lack of young specialists, who need to be «nurtured», and the research vessel might serve exactly the place where students may feel the essence of their work, may fall in love with the Arctic and remain faithful to it," said Alexander Frolov.

«The days of the expedition were eventful. In addition to work and studying we had time to publish a newspaper and had several themed nights, singing to the guitar. We’ve all become friends. I made an important decision for myself. While earlier I wanted to commit myself to philology, now that I’ve been to the Arctic I fell in love with it and decided to engage in research,» shared with journalists Lydia Efremenko.

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