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Devoted to the polar explorers of the "Arctic Floating University" met the whale

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By the end of the fourth day of the joint expedition of the Arctic Floating University, NArFU and Roshydromet. Events taking place on board the research vessel «Professor Molchanov», describes the journalist Irina Skalina.

Their diaries by Irina Skalina became aware that the crew listened to lectures about oceanology and the processes of landscape formation in the polar regions, took the first water samples and was instructed in safety precautions.

One of the most striking events of the last days was the dedication of the expedition members to the polar explorers.

«In the evening the traditional ceremony of dedication to polar explorers was held: just crossed the Arctic Circle — not yet a polar explorer,» writes Irina Skalina. — First it is necessary to take an oath and drink sea water.

Nikita Sobolev came out in the image of Boreas — at least such a role was planned. I do not know how exactly this character should look — I believe that this is the god of the north wind. Nikita looked like Captain Jack Sparrow in his Arctic version: his eyes glittered spectacularly. I do not know who was portrayed by Annik Vallo, but they said convincingly with Boreas-Nikita. So, that behind a gulp of salty water from the hands of the head of the expedition Konstantin Zaykov immediately lined up.

Another memorable event was the approach of the whale to the vessel «Professor Molchanov». Irina Skalina describes this meeting in the following way:

«All jumped and first rushed to the portholes, for some reason, the side of the right, and then to the right side. I suspect that due to the fact that the left sun beat right in the eyes. When they ran to the right one, the whale has already gotten cold. Or hid somewhere in the sunlight. Weak consolation became two ships on the horizon: one on the right, the other — on the port side.

Irina Pokrovskaya believes that it was a humpback. She saw a fountain from the bridge. Sergei Goryachkin insists on the variant of the bowhead whale. Honestly, I did not notice the whale. It seems to me that for the Greenland it’s a little bit southern, but anything can be. »