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Arctic Floating University To Explore Novaya Zemlya


This year’s agenda of the Arctic Floating University, a research project being implemented by NArFU in cooperation with the Northern Administration for Hydrometeorological and Environmental Monitoring, mainly focuses on the dynamics of the marine and coastal ecosystems surrounding the archipelagoes within the Western sector of the RF Arctic Zone.

The AFU — 2016: Unveiling the Mysteries of the Novaya Zemlya will take place June 7 to 27 and will be participated by 58 domestic and international researchers — undergraduate and PhD students, and research institutions’ employees. The younger generation of researchers will receive training in, among others, hydrometeorology, environmental science, nature management and Arctic biology, and will learn more about the life style of the indigenous peoples of the North and the landscape of the Novaya Zemlya.

On their way toward the high latitudes, the expedition team onboard the research vessel Professor Molchanov will call at the following destinations: Kolguev Island — Matveev Island — Dolgiy Island — Bely Nos station — Varnek (Island of Vaigach) — Fedorov station (Island of Vaigach) — Malye Karmakuly (Novaya Zemlya) — Russian Haven (Novaya Zemlya) — Mack Bay (Novaya Zemlya) — Inostrantsev Bay (Novaya Zemlya) — Cape Zhelaniya (Novaya Zemlya).

It will be recalled that NArFU’s Arctic Floating University targets to promote research cooperation with the member nations of the Arctic Council by offering expeditions as format for research activities in the high-latitude Arctic. It further targets to promote Russia’s research, cultural and natural heritage, and the polar-related majors among younger generations; promote patriotic education; and advocate the notion of the ‘Russian Arctic’ worldwide on the international research arena.

The AFU — 2016 participants’ meeting is scheduled for May 18.