«Days of the Arctic» will take place in NArFU - Arctic-fund

“Days of the Arctic” will take place in NArFU

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The year 2013 is declared the Year of Environment in Russia. According to this, NArFU together with «National Park «Russian Arctic» featuring Presidential Library named after Boris Yeltsin, «National Park «Kenozersky», the Russian Geographical Society and Federal Service for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring of Russia has planned a series of activities aimed at maintaining favorable environment in the Arctic, «cleaning» of the Arctic and environmental education in modern society. One of these activities will be «Days of the Arctic» which will take place at NArFU on 25-28 February.

The event coincides with the worldwide date — Day of the Arctic or Day of protecting cold, which is initiated by the international community and celebrated on the last winter day. In the whole world this date draws particular attention to environmental problems of the Arctic, its peoples, problems and prospects of the development of this unique region.

The Arctic plays an important role in global processes that determine the climate of our planet. To preserve the climate it is necessary to unite the efforts of circumpolar countries that are similar in geographical location, economic situation, culture and traditions of the Arctic ethnicities. A single world idea is required — a common tradition which will draw attention of people around the world to the climate change in the Arctic and its ecology.

The response to this initiative in Arkhangelsk will be «Days of the Arctic» — the event aimed at promoting the study of the Arctic territories, the development of culture and education in the Arctic states, the introduction of informational component into the development of Russia’s Arctic strategy, the presentation of the Arctic as a territory of peaceful cooperation and collaboration. The event grants NArFU the status of platform for discussion the problems and prospects of Arctic development.

An important point is the scientific and educational orientation of the event «Days of the Arctic». On 25-28 February the staff of «National Park «Russian Arctic» and outside experts of ecological community will deliver lectures in the main building of NArFU. The event will be opened with a large-scale photo exhibition «Through the eyes of a polar bear», presenting photos from the archive of «National Park «Russian Arctic» and of NArFU collection. Another important matter is the students’ promotional event «Environmental patrol» aimed to appeal to the preservation of the environment. Web discussions, open screenings, meetings with the leading researchers of the Arctic territories and leading experts in the field of ecology of our city and the Arkhangelsk region — this and more you can find at the event «Days of the Arctic».

Let’s protect cold together!

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