Library Mission Statement - Arctic-fund

Library Mission Statement

The main goal of the scientific library is the development of a single interactive informational platform that responds proactively to the ever-changing needs of the reader.

Implementation of these strategic goals by the research library takes place among many interconnected branches of learning: scientific; educational; Arctic and local history; as well as social and cultural.

Our motto is: «We stand behind those who want to learn new things and make scientific discoveries».

Our main goals are:

  • Monitoring leading trends pertaining to library research and curation in the constantly developing global informational space, as well as the establishment of developmental patterns of the university’s scientific library based informational complex.
  • Organization of innovative projects in the field of librarianship;
  • Ensuring the implementation and development of new technologies during formation of library and museum collections, as well as providing informational and expositional services;
  • Continuous development of the library’s information portal and associated sites;
  • Further development of a repository of printed and electronic resources dedicated to research in the Arctic (Arctic Foundation);
  • Ensuring the creation of modern electronic reading rooms and studios equipped with equipment capable of accessing internationally based informational content;
  • Supporting interaction with consumers of library and information services and facilitating free access of library information resources to users;
  • Cooperation with authors and organizations of rights holders whose electronic documents are currently in the university’s electronic library (including textbooks, monographs and methodical recommendations);
  • Organization of cooperative projects with various library and museum communities (including library associations, as well as Russian and foreign libraries).

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